Who Is Nadin Smo

My name is Nadin and today I want to invite you to get to know about my tiny but very cozy Kingdom of Wool.

Since childhood I liked nice things vibrant colours. All my toys was always experimented on. Now I grown up and I am still experimenting however now I have much more experience and instead of the toys with strange cloth I am inventing unique and unusual wear for people who is not scared show their character and individuality thru their clothing!

I was born in Lithuania in it's beautiful capital city Vilnius however for long years I have been living in UK where my love and passion for natural, soft and very warm Merin wool.

What I'm Doing


In each item I make I put all my warmth of my heart and hands even onto tiniest products that I make. You can feel it straight away when You touch and put it on yourself. My handmade items are exclusive because of material which is created and produced by my own hands only using natural Australian wool, natural Japanese silk and lots of natural hand painted silk chiffon.

Unique and Exclusive

How hard you would want to get a copy of my item - it would be impossible to make it. I never make identical items twice because I am very principled on that. Its the same as children - they are similar but at the same time different.